Maleficarum reaches culture festivals and Horror conventions

We were totally immersed in the release of Barbazul when we were taken by surprise by two messages in our facebook pages, one addressed to Jac, inviting him to be part of the Festival Nacional de Cultura a culture festival in Sucre, Bolivia, on November 13th.

The other message was for Amy, star of Maleficarum, from Dean Andersson, author of horror novels:

“Thanks again for the facebook friend confirmation. Congratulations on BARBAZUL. Hope it’s a solid success for you and everyone involved. Jac Avila looks very convincing. I look forward to seeing the film. But I am messaging you to share a MALEFICARUM experience. Continue reading “Maleficarum reaches culture festivals and Horror conventions”

Maleficarum: A Transformation for All

As told by Beto Lopez

A poet once wrote, “as the calendar vacates the premises…” In this case, we were vacating 2010, when – almost out of nowhere – we had this event that, in time, would become the film Maleficarum.

It started for all of us with a series of talks given by the director Jac Avila to the cast and crew, to the end of introducing them to the world they would be inhabiting over the coming weeks.

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Maleficarum: From Love to Torture and Suffering

How was Maleficarum made as told by Beto Lopez L. The Inquisitor.

I must confess that I was on the set of the new Jac Avila’s film, Maleficarum, a story that take us to the times of the inquisition by the hand of a director who doesn’t hesitate to put to the test everything that surrounds him; like a doctor that, scalpel in hand, prepares to neatly dissect a body. It’s not clear to me if it is to cure or to cut, but whatever his intention is, he will do it with professionalism and in an almost aseptic way.

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When Dead But Dreaming was born

(From 2012)

The Pachamama Films team is  preparing a new production to be filmed in La Paz, Bolivia and its surroundings. It already has a title, not just a working title,  Dead But Dreaming.  The script is written by Jac Avila, the production is in the skillful hands of  Amy Hesketh, Jac Avila and Roberto Lopez L, all three worked together as producers in Sirwiñakuy and Maleficarum.
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Le Marquis De La Croix – Amy’s Third Film

Amy Hesketh takes the director’s chair for the third time to direct Jac Avila and Mila Joya in her new film Le Marquis de la Croix.

After her intense experience with Barbazul, Amy felt more daring this time.  She was going to ask more from her actors. Jac and Amy  inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade, came up with an idea.  They thought “we have the set, the props, the costumes, so, why not make another movie?

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Barbazul, Amy’s Second Film As Director

Soon after the controversial and successful release of Sirwinakuy in July of 2010, Amy didn’t just rest on her laurels.  She began to work on her second feature: Barbazul and she wanted Veronica Paintoux, the protagonist of Sirwinakuy, to play a leading role.

Amy had the intention of making her own version of Barbazul for some time. Having passed the test with Sirwinakuy, Amy decided that it was time to bring her dream to reality.

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