El Hombre De La Luna

The poster of El Hombre de la Luna

This tale has all the ingredients of a classic suspense and more … A beautiful girl is found in the Valley of the Moon with her throat slashed, a homeless derelict is lying, passed out, beside her body. He’s accused of her murder.

Case closed. Or is it?

An expatriate lawyer is called on to defend the accused and the cast of characters he encounters are a bizarre lot: a Ch’makani, or man of the dark, who can communicate with the dead; the dead girl’s beautiful twin sister; an American exchange student, exiled by his parents to Bolivia for computer hacking, the lawyer’s ex-wife and a mysterious European woman.

They all combine for a steamy, exciting and suspense-packed movie.

Script by: Jac Avila
Directed by: Jac Avila
Cinematography: Ernesto Fernandez, Armando Urioste, Jac Avila
Produced by: Henriette Szabó, Jac Avila
Edited by: Rodrigo Quiroga, Jac Avila
Music by: After Crying(Hungary)
Associate Producers: Guido Orias Luna, Armando Urioste, Rodrigo Quiroga
A production of Pachamama Films

Principal Cast

Carmen Paintoux as Genevie and Giselle, the victim.

Jac Avila as Jonathan the Lawyer.

Henriette Szabó as Nicole

Orlando Huanca  as Phaxsi, The Ch’amakani

Maria Cristina Peró as Laura, Jonathan’s ex wife.

Ricardo Ramos as Hans

as Esteban, Laura’s husband

Marco Antonio Paredes as the Man of the moon, the accused

Vanessa Arguedas as Natasha, Giselle’s best friend.

Erik Antoine as Aaron

Alberto Etcheverry as Msr Emilieaux, The Father of the Twins

Vilma Arce as Mme Emilieaux mother of the twins.