Krik? Krak! Tales Of A Nightmare

The poster of Krik Krak

Krik? Krak! carries the political documentary into the realm of the fantastic. The story of Haiti’s misery under two generations of Duvaliers is told impressionistically, mingling absolutely extraordinary documents of daily life, (including an interview with Papa Doc himself, and scenes from fiction films), to convey what a straightforward documentary cannot: the continual shifts between levels of reality in Haitian life, some of which are inaccessible to the camera, in particular, the omnipresence of the Voodoo religion.

-Bill Khron – Cahiers Du Cinema

Directed ByJac Avila, Vanyoska Gee
Screenplay ByVanyoska Gee
Produced ByJac Avila, Vanyoska Gee