When Dead But Dreaming was born

(From 2012)

The Pachamama Films team is  preparing a new production to be filmed in La Paz, Bolivia and its surroundings. It already has a title, not just a working title,  Dead But Dreaming.  The script is written by Jac Avila, the production is in the skillful hands of  Amy Hesketh, Jac Avila and Roberto Lopez L, all three worked together as producers in Sirwiñakuy and Maleficarum.

Poster of Dead But Dreaming

The film will be directed by Jac Avila and has as its protagonists three of the Pachamama Films divas, Veronica Paintoux, Amy Hesketh, and Mila Joya.

The subject is top secret, for now, but it can be said that a part of the story takes place in the  1800’s, during the times previous to the war for independence in South America.

Jac Avila directing Amy Hesketh in Maleficarum

Jac Avila directed the recently released feature Maleficarum, a film about the inquisition in Perú.  Another film directed by Avila, is the also recently released Martyr, filmed in New York.  Other films by Avila are El Hombre de la Luna, produced in Bolivia and Krik Krak, Tales of a Nightmare, filmed in Haití, Cuba and  the USA.

Amy Hesketh is Mariana de Castro in Maleficarum

Amy Hesketh is the protagonist in Maleficarum, she also plays a main role in the film that she wrote and directed: Barbazul, her second film as director.  The first film directed by  Amy Hesketh is Sirwiñakuy, the most controversial Bolivian film until now.

Veronica Paintoux in a scene in Barbazul

Veronica Paintoux plays the lead role in Sirwiñakuy, she’s a protagonist in Barbazul and worked under the direction of de Jac Avila in Martyr.

Mila Joya in a scene from Barbazul.

Mila Joya had her beginnings in Maleficarum, she also has lead roles in the films directed by  Amy Hesketh: Barbazul and Le Marquis De La Croix , in the latter one she has the leading role along with Jac Avila.

Beto Lopez with Alejandro Loayza in a scene from Maleficarum

Roberto Lopez has a long history of work with Jac Avila. He worked with Jac in many documentaries in the 90’s.  He was one of the producers in the docu/drama Outbreak: The Curse of the Black Typhus, he’s also a producer in Vientos Negros, Maleficarum, Barbazul and others.  He began his acting career in Sirwiñakuy and went on to play principal roles in Barbazul,  and Maleficarum.

 Dead But Dreaming is in pre-production,  principal photography will start on January 15th, 2012.

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