Barbazul, Amy Hesketh’s Second Film

Soon after the controversial and successful release of Sirwinakuy in July of 2010, Amy didn’t just rest on her laurels.  She began to work on her second feature: Barbazul and she wanted Veronica Paintoux, the protagonist of Sirwinakuy, to play a leading role.

Amy had the intention of making her own version of Barbazul for some time. Having passed the test with Sirwinakuy, Amy decided that it was time to bring her dream to reality.

In November of 2010 Veronica Paintoux, the protagonist of Sirwinakuy,  arrived to the airport in El Alto in a flight that took her from her home in Strasbourg, France, to the city of La Paz.

Barbazul is based on the children’s story  “La barbe bleue” (1697) written by Charles Perrault, about a man with a blue beard who kills his wives.  In the original story, Barbe Bleue is a pirate.  Amy had a different idea for her own version of the old classic.

Amy cast

Jac Avila in the leading role of Barbazul and Veronica Paintoux plays Anabelle, the love of Barbazul’s life,  the first of six ladies who must either please Barbazul or face death.  The fourth in line, Jane, is played by Amy Hesketh herself, while Mila Joya, who was just beginning her career in Maleficarum, plays the central role of Soledad, the bride who discovers Barbazul’s dark secret.  Other brides are played by Erika Saavedra, who plays a witness in Maleficarum, and Paola Teran, the well known singer in the rock band Libelula.

Beto Lopez, the infamous inquisitor in Maleficarum and Luis Montez’ colleague in Sirwiñakuy plays Walter, Barbazul’s very mysterious butler.  Erik Antoine, who was Anouk’s ex-boyfriend in Sirwinakuy is Paul the photographer.  Mariela Salaverry plays Soledad‘s sister.

Maleficarum was put on hold for two weeks and the cast and crew of Barbazul went on a trip to Chivisivi, where  we rented the property that was to become Barbazul’s hacienda.

For the next 12 days Jac became Barbazul and dedicated himself to lure and kill the ladies that Amy cast for him.

Amy Hesketh directs Veronica Paintoux and Jac Avila in Barbazul.

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Bluebeard (Barbazul) from VermeerWorks on Vimeo.