An Interview with Amy Hesketh, Director of Sirwiñakuy

by Mike Haberfelner
March 2012

Your film Sirwiñakuy – I know we have talked about this before [click here], but could you bring us up to speed, what is it about and what does the expression “Sirwiñakuy” actually mean?

“Sirwiñakuy” refers to an indigenous custom still practiced by some Aymaras in Bolivia, in which a man takes his potential wife, basically kidnapping her, to his house to live with him. It’s like a try-out. If they get along, she cooks and cleans well, she gets along with his family, they marry. If it doesn’t work out, she goes back to her house, more or less in shame. Continue reading “An Interview with Amy Hesketh, Director of Sirwiñakuy”

An Interview with Jac Avila on the Maleficarum-Censorship-Debate

by Mike Haberfelner
July 2012

I know we have talked about it before at length [click here], but could you bring us up to speed once more: Your film Maleficarum, what is it about?

It’s the story of two young women. Mariana de Castro, a disposed widow, and Francisca de la Cruz, the young heir to great fortune and lands. They are lovers and their relationship is not a secret in the town. A group of young women confront Mariana in the streets and it ends in a shoving match that involves Francisca. This lame street event is used by the Inquisitor to take over the fortune and lands of the orphan. The women fall in the hands of the Santo Oficio de Lima, also known as the inquisition. The film centers in their torture and the damming testimonies of the townsfolk. Continue reading “An Interview with Jac Avila on the Maleficarum-Censorship-Debate”

When Dead But Dreaming was born

(From 2012)

The Pachamama Films team is  preparing a new production to be filmed in La Paz, Bolivia and its surroundings. It already has a title, not just a working title,  Dead But Dreaming.  The script is written by Jac Avila, the production is in the skillful hands of  Amy Hesketh, Jac Avila and Roberto Lopez L, all three worked together as producers in Sirwiñakuy and Maleficarum.
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