Martyr or The Death of St Eulalia

After a long wait. A long wait for many who heard about its existence and were eager to see it, we released Jac Avila’s magnus opus: Martyr or The Death of Saint Eulalia.

Martyr is the story of Camille, a young French woman visiting New York with Julien, a hot DJ and her boyfriend.

Martyr or The Death of Saint Eulalia – The long awaited movie.


In New York Camille meets Tadeusz, a photographer.

Camille inspires Tadeusz to work on a series of photographs depicting the Martyrdom of St. Eulalia, a the Sanish martyr from the third century. Camille has been obsessed with this saint since her childhood.  When she meets Tadeusz she knows she finally has the chance to fulfill a long lasting wish, to live the martyr’s experience.

Martyr was produced in New York, shot on location in Long Island City and Central Park.

Camille is played by Carmen Paintoux who began her acting career in Jac Avila’s El Hombre de la Luna, a mini-series filmed in Bolivia.

Tadeusz, the photographer, is played by Jac Avila himself, who also played a lead character in El Hombre de la Luna.

Julien is played by Mickael Trodoux in his first acting role. he was cast in France.

Other characters in the film are: Elisa, the photographer’s assistant, played by Natacha Petrovich, also cast in France. Then there’s Gabrielle, the photographer’s model and lover played by none other than Veronica Paintoux who later paired with Jac in Sirwiñakuy and Barbazul

Another character is Dave, Julien’s roommate and landlord.  He’s an aspiring writer who plays with guns.  Dave is played by Erik Antoine, a new yorker, filmmaker, scriptwriter who played Anouk’s ex-boyfriend in Sirwiñakuy and Paul the photographer in Barbazul.  He’s also a priest in Maleficarum.  He’s the director, writer and lead in Nocturnia.

Martyr was screened in a few festivals, it was the subject of a conference in Siena University in New York and finally, in April 7th, 2011, was officially released with a exclusive engagement at the Cinemateca Boliviana.

Martyr is available in DVD and for Downloads


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