In July 22 of 2010 we released in Bolivia Amy Hesketh’s opera prima Sirwiñakuy.

Sirwiñakuy is the story of Luis, middle age, Bolivian, played by Jac Avila, and Anouk, French, young, beautiful, played by Veronica Paintoux.  The couple meet at a charming cafe in the city of La Paz and not an hour has passed from the moment of their encounter when he takes her to move in with him.

A relationship begins.  A relationship that shocked a country.

The film struck a cord.  The critics in two cities went raving mad.  No, it wasn’t a bad movie, it was a wild, terrifying movie. A movie that had to be attacked, not just criticized. But there were those who loved it, praised it and analised it.

Sirwiñakuy opened in three cities, 5 screens and run for almost 6 months at the Cinemateca Boliviana.

By year’s end Sirwiñakuy became one of the 7 highest grossing films in 2010 at the Cinemateca and it’s now considered the most controversial film in Bolivia so far.

Sirwiñakuy is getting ready to take the world by storm.

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Sirwiñakuy from VermeerWorks on Vimeo.