An Interview with Jac Avila, Director, and Amy Hesketh, Star of Maleficarum

by Mike Haberfelner

(re)Search My Trash November 2011

First of all, could you bring us up to speed: Your new film Maleficarum, what is it about?

Jac: It’s the story of two young and beautiful women who fall in the hands of the Holy Office, better known as The Spanish Inquisition. It’s set in an Andean city, unnamed, but it was part of the Holy Office of Lima which covered most of South America.

One of the women, Francisca, is a young heir to lands and fortune, she’s Catholic. The other woman, Mariana, is Anglo Saxon and Lutheran both of which were not seen nicely in those times and in those parts of the world. Continue reading “An Interview with Jac Avila, Director, and Amy Hesketh, Star of Maleficarum”

Maleficarum: From Love to Torture and Suffering

How was Maleficarum made as told by Beto Lopez L. The Inquisitor.

I must confess that I was on the set of the new Jac Avila’s film, Maleficarum, a story that take us to the times of the inquisition by the hand of a director who doesn’t hesitate to put to the test everything that surrounds him; like a doctor that, scalpel in hand, prepares to neatly dissect a body. It’s not clear to me if it is to cure or to cut, but whatever his intention is, he will do it with professionalism and in an almost aseptic way.

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