Olalla (2015 – Rated R)



Belonging to an incestuous family of vampires has its disadvantages.

Generations of incestuous vampires collide in this tale of savage urges and dark betrayals.

Amy Hesketh’s provocative adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson story weaves a pair of suspenseful parallel narratives across two different time periods.

In the distant past, Olalla’s family receives a visitor to their estate. Attraction between the new guest and the beautiful and mysterious matriarch seems inevitable. But it is a dangerous proposition and, as tensions arise, Olalla slides into madness. With the entire village watching, and primed for the attack, will she be able to control her urges?



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Starring: Amy Hesketh, Jac Avila, Mila Joya, Luis Almanza, Cristian Del Rio, Rhobess Pierre, Alejandro Loayza, Erik Antoine, Pablo Paravicini, Beto Lopez, Maria Esther Delgadillo, Fermin Nuñez, Valeria Huanca, Rosario Huanca

Olalla in IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4298784/?ref_=nm_knf_i1