Martyr Or The Death of St Eulalia (2005 – Rated R)


As the postmodern world is stormed by an onslaught of religious fundamentalism and resurrected holy wars, Camille, a 21st century young French woman, experiences the passion of a 3rd century virgin martyr.

Camille, a young French woman visiting  New York with her boyfriend Julien, a well known French DJ, meets Tadeusz, a fashion photographer and artist who off

Tadeusz puts aside his more lucrative endeavor with his live-in girlfriend and model Gabrielle and sets the minimalist stage where Camille will recreate, step by step, the prolonged suffering of Eulalia. All the while trying to understand the motivations that drove the saint to confront the power of an empire and sacrifice her life while seeming to control her own martyrdom.

Meanwhile, Julien, prodded by Dave, his American roommate and Iago-like confidant, discovers Camille’s extensive research on the methods and consequences of torture and crucifixion. He concludes that his girlfriend is involved in some kind of hardcore sadomasochistic relationship with Tadeusz and fears for her life. He sets out to rescue Camille from the iron claws, the whip and the cross.

En momentos cuando el mundo post moderno es asaltado por una avalancha de fundamentalismo religioso y guerras santas resucitadas, Camille, una joven francesa del siglo 21, sufre la pasión de una virgen martyr del siglo 3.

Starring: Carmen Paintoux, Mickael Trodoux, Natacha Petrovich, Erik Antoine, Veronica Paintoux, Jac Avila

Runtime: 123 minutes

Directed by: Jac Avila



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