As the postmodern world is stormed by an onslaught of religious fundamentalism and resurrected holy wars, Camille, a 21st century young French woman, experiences the passion of a 3rd century virgin martyr.

En momentos cuando el mundo post moderno es asaltado por una avalancha de fundamentalismo religioso y guerras santas resucitadas, Camille, una joven francesa del siglo 21, sufre la pasión de una virgen martyr del siglo 3.

Starring: Carmen Paintoux, Mickael Trodoux, Natacha Petrovich, Erik Antoine, Veronica Paintoux, Jac Avila

Runtime: 123 minutes

Directed by: Jac Avila



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Georges Bataille

In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation.

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