Innocent Justine endures extreme torture and violation at the sadistic hands of the Marquis de Sade’s disciples of pain, pleasure and sexual deviance. In this latest post-modernist rendering of de Sade’s classic novel, Justine’s steadfast faith and naive trust enslave her in a number of perverse practices illustrating that virtue is no match for vice.

Close your eyes. And step into my dungeon…

Can you hear the screams?

The WAILS of ecstasy!

The CRACK of the whip!

The SQUEAL of the rack!

Welcome to my playground…

You may think you know the story of De Sade’s JUSTINE. But not like this one.

Because this is Jac Avila’s JUSTINE: A shockingly erotic experience more sadistic than De Sade himself.

Meet innocent Justine: Beaten, bloody and naked— she’s locked in the stocks after 50 lashes and the abuse of many men. Now, she awaits execution for a crime she did not commit. Or, did she?

Come along with Justine on her deviant journey, as she escapes from prison with a band of thieves, only to be passed into the clutches of various depraved men, who torture and enslave her in bouts of sex and thrilling scandals at the hands of perverted aristocracy.

Until Justine is finally sold into the torture playground of the brutal and sadistic Rodin, who further violates her by inflicting hideous torture upon torture alongside his resigned daughter and reluctant but sex-crazed female servant.

Ultimately, everyone becomes a pawn in this sick and twisted game of cruelty, culminating in the ultimate savage sacrifice.

Georges Bataille

In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation.

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