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Danish review of Sirwiñakuy

The reviews and comments keep pouring in about Sirwiñakuy. Just last week, a prominent Danish D/s blogger wrote a great review in her blog, which you can Read here in English or Read here in Danish. The Danish couple who contacted Amy Hesketh after seeing the movie (of which the blogger is one half), said some really wonderful things about… Read more →

Sirwiñakuy, Now Available!

The VermeerWorks Team is super-duper proud to present our newest release, Sirwiñakuy! The wait is over, Amy Hesketh’s directorial debut is now available on DVD and for download! In 2010, Sirwiñakuy played in Bolivian movie houses for 5 months and became the most polemic and controversial film in Bolivia. Sirwiñakuy was an official selection at the CIneKink 2012 film festival,… Read more →

Sirwiñakuy in the press

Some great comments and little reviews of Sirwiñakuy have been flooding in in the wake of the success of the international debut of Amy Hesketh’s first film. Here are a couple for your amusement: And our international premiere of Amy Hesketh’s Sirwiñakuy, also felt like a discovery, one which split our audience as much as it purportedly did in its… Read more →