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Olalla on Vimeo on Demand!

We are very pleased to announce that you can now watch Olalla on Vimeo on Demand! That’s right, you can now rent Olalla and watch it stream in HD! Here’s the link right here to see Olalla Stay tuned as we add more of our films to Vimeo On Demand.

The final scenes for Olalla

Exciting news about the 1880s scenes, the remaining scenes to be shot for Amy Hesketh’s film Olalla, has now been released! They cast and crew will be shooting on location all next week. It’s a remote location, so they probably will not be able to post updates until they return, as they will most likely […]

Olalla Update!

Amy Hesketh’s fourth film as director, Olalla, about a family of vampires, has begun production, and we need your help to make it happen! A campaign has just been launched in IndieGoGo (LINK), and here’s the the pitch video below, explaining more about the production. More about the Campaign: WHY WE NEED YOU & WHAT […]

New Production in the Works

In keeping with Pachamama Film’s theme of cranking out quality productions, Amy Hesketh has a new production set to be filmed this year, Olalla. In a short time she’ll be launching a great IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for an incredible, big scene in the movie. Go ahead and Like the Facebook page, and follow […]


  [dropcap]A[/dropcap]my Hesketh has written an article detailing a bit of her history and some interesting facts about her new movie in pre-production, Olalla, in her blog. Here’s an excerpt: When I was about 6 years old my father showed me the movie Fright Night. I’m sure he thought it was appropriate for someone my […]

Georges Bataille

In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation.

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  • Le Marquis, Part One: The Museum – A Review May 2, 2017
    Le Marquis, Part One: The Museum by Rich Moreland, April 2017 Le Marquis de la Croix is a film by Amy Hesketh that features Jac Avila and Mila Joya. It is Read More ...
  • Justine – Estreno En La Cinemateca Boliviana April 20, 2017
    JUSTINE, la nueva película de Jac Avila se estrena exclusivamente en la Cinemateca Boliviana La nueva producción de Pachamama Films, basada en la obra del Marques De Sade,  Justine o los infortunios Read More ...
  • Yo Solo Veo Oscuridad: Justine De Jac Avila, Parte Cuatro April 12, 2017
    Yo Solo Veo Oscuridad: Justine De Jac Avila, Parte Cuatro por Rich Moreland, December 2016 ALERTA  SPOILER! La resolución final de Justine está a la vuelta de la esquina. Las entregas Read More ...
  • Yo Solo Veo Oscuridad: Justine de Jac Avila, Parte Tres April 10, 2017
    Yo Solo Veo Oscuridad: Justine de Jac Avila, Parte Tres por Rich Moreland, Deciembre 2016 ALERTA SPOILER! El final de Justine es revelado en la última entrega de ésta crítica de Read More ...
  • Yo Solo Veo la Oscuridad: Justine De Jac Avila, Parte Dos April 8, 2017
    Yo Solo Veo la Oscuridad: Justine De Jac Avila, Parte Dos Por Rich Moreland, Diciembre 2016 ALERTA DE SPOILER! El fina de  Justine sera revelado en la última parte de Read More ...