A Wonderful Review of Dead But Dreaming

Charles Lonberger of The Beverly Hills Outlook recently published this simply wonderful review of Jac Avila’s Dead But Dreaming. Here’s a sample:

“Avila’s sensibilities are, contrary to this genre’s (vampire) tradition, Baroque, not Gothic. As director, he builds his drama from within his frame, using superimpositions only fleetingly, and is most powerful in his ritualistic stagings (as in his registrations of human sacrifice and the enchained confinement of the vampire Nahara at the film’s conclusion). Given the vastness of his historical tapestry in this production, the fact that Avila’s directorial approach has much more in common with the spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone than the mock operatic aesthetic of Visconti, establishes his cinematic pedigree as rooted in popular culture.”

New production in the works!

The poster for the movie Dead But Dreaming

Pachamama Films/Decadent Cinema announced yesterday their new co-production, slated to begin filming early 2012, Dead But Dreaming.

The movie will star Veronica Paintoux, Amy Hesketh, Mila Joya, and Jac Avila among others, and be shot on location in Bolivia.

As of now, they’ve begun casting for other roles.

More information can be found HERE and HERE, and on the FaceBook page of the movie: