Le Marquis de la Croix REVIEWED BY CHARLES LONBERGER This intense and focused Bolivian production, handsomely mounted by Amy Hesketh and Jac Avila with just the right visual accents and splashes of color for Decadent Cinema, is a master class in film direction, courtesy of Hesketh herself. Largely restricted to one set, a dungeon illuminated by candle lights, for its… Read more →

Le Marquis De La Croix

Le Marquis De La Croix  (2012 – Rated R)  Inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade. Credit/Debit: Add to Cart PayPal: Zynga, a gypsy woman, is sentenced to death by guillotine for her crimes, claiming to be innocent. She’s given a choice, to lose her head by the blade or to be given over to the wealthy, incarcerated… Read more →

Interview about Barbazul in (re)search my trash

An Interview with Amy Hesketh, Director and Writer, and Jac Avila, Star of Barbazul by Mike Haberfelner March 2013 Your new movie Barbazul – in a few words, what is it about? It’s about a psycho with a blue beard who kills his lady friends in brutal, violent ways. Read more →

New Podcast with Amy Hesketh

Amy Hesketh just did her second podcast with John HorrorDude Ginder for A Horrorfying Blog. In it, they discuss Olalla, Bluebeard, and Dead But Dreaming. Their chat ranges from caring about one’s actors, to *gasp* nudity in the films, and everything in between. So grab a beverage, crank up your heat/cooling, and have a listen! Amy Hesketh on a Horrorfying Blog podcast… Read more →

Great things are happening with Olalla!

The first review of Olalla has come out, and it’s great! Here’s an excerpt: “Thanks to its totally unconventional approach, Olalla is one of the most interesting vampire movies of late – these are not your typical bloodsuckers, but a typical old-fashioned family with a strict hierarchy, its black sheep (Olalla) and forbidden fruits (Ofelia), its enforcers (Felipe) and eccentrics… Read more →