Great things are happening with Olalla!


A still from Olalla

The first review of Olalla has come out, and it’s great! Here’s an excerpt:

Thanks to its totally unconventional approach, Olalla is one of the most interesting vampire movies of late – these are not your typical bloodsuckers, but a typical old-fashioned family with a strict hierarchy, its black sheep (Olalla) and forbidden fruits (Ofelia), its enforcers (Felipe) and eccentrics (Erix Antoine as Uncle Bruno) – but all of this isn’t played for laughs (though there are a few) but as a drama with its gory, its violent, its sexy and its fetishistic bits, all set in rather beautifully decorated sets betraying crumbling decadence, carried by a first rate ensemble cast.” (Re)Search My Trash filmsite

Read the full review here!

And here’s a great interview with Jac Avila, producer and actor, about Olalla, in which he reveals all sorts of marvels of the making of this macabre film!

And there’s more, an amazing video from Germany, featuring the music of Andreas Gross (website here) has just been released, featuring images from Olalla!


You can buy Andreas Gross’ album Goodbye Mainstream at this link!

The download of Olalla is available here! And the DVD is available on our site at this link!

Georges Bataille

In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation.

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