Olalla Update!

Amy Hesketh’s fourth film as director, Olalla, about a family of vampires, has begun production, and we need your help to make it happen!

A campaign has just been launched in IndieGoGo (LINK), and here’s the the pitch video below, explaining more about the production.

More about the Campaign:


We are looking to raise at least $10,000 which will go towards:

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  • Cast and crew expenses and catering
  • Cinematographer and camera rental
  • Art direction and costumes
  • Special effects and make-up
  • A great location (remote country plantation)


The funds will be applied to the period sequence in the film, (we’ll be recreating the late 1800’s) culminating in a big blow-out scene in which Olalla is chained to a cross, whipped, and burned at the stake by a mob of angry villagers!

If we don’t reach our goal, rest assured every penny we receive will be spent on screen in production value or to feed and cover expenses of our hard working cast and crew. Even if we have to cut a few corners, the scene will be made!

If we go over our goal, we will spend more on production values (production design, costume, lighting), pay wages to cast and crew, and for marketing of the film at film festivals around the world.

For your contribution we are offering some unique perks that start at only $10, and include shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter, a copy of the finished film, autographed photos, the book (by Robert Louis Stevenson) signed by Amy Hesketh, t-shirts, signed copies of the script, an Associate Producer credit, an opportunity to have Amy Hesketh shoot an interview just for you, answering your questions, the chance to be an extra in the big “burning at the stake” scene, an Executive Producer credit, and much more!

Help to make this daring feature film happen by contributing at this link!

Movie synopsis: 

Picking up after the book by Robert Louis Stevenson leaves off, Olalla’s family receives a visitor. As the struggle between Felipe and the new guest escalates, Olalla, traumatized by the abandonment of her first love, slides further into madness. When her psyche breaks and she bites the village priest, the villagers take their long-awaited revenge on the family, chaining Olalla to a cross, publically whipping her, and burning her at the stake as her family is forced to watch.

Over 100 years later, her daughters, Olalla and Ofelia struggle to keep from attention and harm. But when Olalla, yearning for normalcy, runs away, elopes, and subsequently murders her husband, the entire family is put in jeopardy. Uncle Felipe is called in to reform Olalla using his questionable Victorian methods: restraint and corporeal punishment.


Georges Bataille

In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence, of violation.

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