Sirwiñakuy in the press

A still from the movie Sirwiñakuy

A still from the movie Sirwiñakuy

Some great comments and little reviews of Sirwiñakuy have been flooding in in the wake of the success of the international debut of Amy Hesketh’s first film.

Here are a couple for your amusement:

And our international premiere of Amy Hesketh’s Sirwiñakuy, also felt like a discovery, one which split our audience as much as it purportedly did in its originating Bolivia. One of our crew dismissed it as “a Bolivian 9 1/2 Weeks,” while another wrote on my Facebook page, “The director of Sirwiñakuy, Amy Hesketh is pretty much a visual genius and I hope someone ‘important’ sees her beautiful, soulful work. GREAT!” (I tend to fall in with the latter, though am also a fairly big fan of 9 1/2 Weeks, so would count that as a compliment also.) -Lisa Vandever

A still from the movie Sirwiñakuy

The full article can be read here in Filmmaker Magazine online!

Sirwiñakuy, by Amy Hesketh, an oddball modern take on an Aymara practice of “trial marriage” in which a bride is essentially kidnapped and “tested” by a prospective husband, was beautiful in a classic French film way—long silences, awkward moments, wan heroine and all. A truer S&M love story, along the same lines as Secretary, but with a much more artistic flair. – misslagsalot

The full article in Whack! Magazine can be read here!

Amy Hesketh is very pleased with the wonderful comments and the support she received at the festival. The download and DVD of the movie will be available soon right here at VermeerWorks!


A still from the movie Sirwiñakuy

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