Danish review of Sirwiñakuy

A still from the movie Sirwiñakuy

The reviews and comments keep pouring in about Sirwiñakuy. Just last week, a prominent Danish D/s blogger wrote a great review in her blog, which you can Read here in English or Read here in Danish.

The Danish couple who contacted Amy Hesketh after seeing the movie (of which the blogger is one half), said some really wonderful things about the movie:

“On the odd click I found ‘Sirwiñakuy’ last night and decided to purchase and download it. My purpose was for my wife and I to take it in – in bed – as a pleasant conclusion to a 17 hour drive from Austria to Denmark. I feared I might fall asleep at some time during the 111 minutes. That never happened.

Here’s a quote from the sparing conversation we had while totally enjoying your movie:

Her: This is an A movie. Not a B!
Me: I agree. It’s an A+. …. I never said it was a B, I just said it was low budget.
Her: … fantastic ….

We were particularly taken by the intricate expressivity of Veronica Paintoux, particularly the facial expressions, signaling the struggle of temptation, urge and reservation.

It takes an excellent director, a great actress and a good eye behind the camera to bring this out in such detail. Come to think of it, another director who has that ability is our own (ie. Danish) Susanne Bier, who recently returned from Hollywood with an Oscar. The movie also reminded us of Lars von Trier’s work with dogma movies.

As I said: We were completely taken by the story, the acting, the directing … and we will definitely watch your movie anew and find new facets on every occasion – just as we have with the classic ‘Story of O’.”

They went on to say in another message:

“Your work is a sovereign example of someone having the guts to do what is right and true for them. Carl Th. Dreyer was criticized to death as Lars von Trier has been all along. I’m quite certain it escapes even Susanne Bier why she’s currently (commercially) one floor above you in the tower of film.

In our opinion you’re poised to become – you are – big. I think we most certainly ‘got it’ and the sensations you stirred with your work still linger with us. What more can anyone ask than to make a difference to someone. To give something to somebody. Not anybody but those appreciative and grateful somebodies. Eg. us.”

Sirwiñakuy is available on DVD HERE  and for Download HERE!



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