Help Us Make Justine!

Amy tests her look for Justine
Amy tests her look for Justine

We’re still raising funds for the pos-production of Justine, and we need your help!

We were able to raise 62% of our goal with our IndieGoGo Campaign for our new film – the Marquis de Sade’s Justine, and we need YOU to help us complete 38%. Every contribution counts. Help us to reach 100%, and make an even better film.

As an incentive, we’re offering additional perks that were not available before through IndieGoGo. Check out the great perks below, and pick one you like!

Donate Any Amount!


$15 Autographed Photo (+shipping)

A personally signed portrait photo of your choice of: Amy Hesketh, Mila Joya, or Beatriz Rivera as their characters in the film!

Pick an actress (Or all 3!)

$25 Download

A download of the finished film! (Includes bonus extras from the DVD) Will retail for $30 upon release.

 $30 DVD (+shipping)

A DVD of the finished film, signed by Amy Hesketh and Jac Avila! Chock full o’ bonus extras!

$50 Script (+shipping)

A bound copy of the script, signed by the cast and crew!

$50 Book (+shipping)

A copy of the Marquis de Sade’s Justine signed by Jac Avila and Amy Hesketh!

$1000 Associate Producer (+shipping)

Download + signed DVD + signed book + signed script + tee shirt with Justine logo + ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit in the film, and on IMDB!

Estimated release date March 2016

Our New Film: Justine

We’re very excited to be crowdfunding our new project, a film based on the Marquis de Sade’s Justine!

Want to be a part of this amazing new movie, “More Sadistic than De Sade himself”? Then check out our campaign at the link right here!

We have tons of amazing perks in return for your contribution, like downloads, DVDs, signed books, and there are also ways for you to have a say in the content of the film!!!

New Podcast with Amy Hesketh

A promotional still from Olalla
A promotional still from Olalla

Amy Hesketh just did her second podcast with John HorrorDude Ginder for A Horrorfying Blog. In it, they discuss Olalla, Bluebeard, and Dead But Dreaming. Their chat ranges from caring about one’s actors, to *gasp* nudity in the films, and everything in between. So grab a beverage, crank up your heat/cooling, and have a listen!

Amy Hesketh on a Horrorfying Blog podcast


You can also listen to Amy’s previous podcast with A Horrorfying Blog right here!

Now Streaming on Vimeo

Dead But Dreaming on Vimeo

We have a big announcement, Dead But Dreaming is now available to rent (stream) on Vimeo! Isn’t that marvelous? We think it is!

You can watch it right now at this link right here!

Stay tuned as we release more films on Vimeo On Demand.